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020 Amsterdam Kunst & Cultuur- We look back on a successful Joint Opening Weekend in March and therefore we are delighted to announce a second Joint Opening Weekend on 23, 24 and 25 April. Amsterdam galleries affiliated to Amsterdam Art will celebrate the opening of their (new) shows during the last weekend of April. The Joint Opening Weekend is an initiative of Amsterdam Art and the affiliated galleries.

By clicking on the links below you can reserve a 20-minute time slot in advance, via an online booking system or e-mail. Each time slot starts at the hour (13.00, 13.20, 13.40 etc.). Please fill in the time slot of your preference. This way, you can make your own gallery route along various galleries, in accordance with the corona regulations.

Amsterdam Art Week 2021
In 2021, Amsterdam Art Weekend is extented to an Art Week and will take place from 17 to 27 June, together with the Rijksakademie’s Open Studios. This June, the city will be buzzing with exhibitions, performances, screenings, debates, gallery tours and open studios. Art professionals and art enthusiasts from all over the country come together and connect. Visit for more information on our programme.

Joint opening hours: 
Friday 23 April 13.00 - 18.00 hours. 
Saturday 24 April 13.00 - 18.00 hours. 
Sunday 25 April 13.00 - 17.00 hours.

Hop on your bike and discover the new, inspiring exhibitions!
Click o
n the name of the gallery to book your time slot

ü  Amsterdam Art Gallery at Capital C:  Bildhalle with a solo exhibition of Douglas Mandry 
ü  Josilda da Conceição: Meg Forsyth, Rob Bouwman & Tom Kraanen, Colours in the limited space 
ü  Galerie Onrust: Ina van Zyl, Among Others 
ü  Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art: Arnout Killian, 
ü  TUBES andriesse eyck galerie: Helen Mirra, Antonietta Peeters & Joe Scanlan, Paragraph tegenboschvanvreden: curated by Ellis Kat, ON DEMAND 4: Between Self and Other ü Annet Gelink Gallery: Leo Arnold, Anders Dickson, Rezi van Lankveld, Erik van Lieshout & Lara Schnitger, DANCING WITH OCTOPUSES 
ü  Gerhard Hofland: John Kayser, Crush
ü  TORCH: Teun Hocks, Drawings | Mike Pratt, Small Paintings 
ü  Bildhalle: Willy Spiller, New York 1977-1985
ü  Martin van Zomeren: Group exhibition by artists of the gallery, Press Eject and Give Me the Tape 
ü Stigter van Doesburg: Thijs Kauffmann, Kovikshamn 
ü  Galerie Caroline O'Breen: Hans Bol, Victoire Eouzan & Alexander Sporre, Ici le tempts s'étire (here, where time stretches)
ü Galerie Ron Mandos: Erwin Olaf, Im Wald
ü  Galerie Bart: Tom Liekens, The Reptile Room 
ü  Stevenson: Jane Alexander, VERITY, FAITH AND JUSTICE
ü  GRIMM Keizersgracht: Volker Huller
ü  The Merchant House: Elsa Tomkowiak, Into Color 
ü  Ellen de Bruijne Projects: Daniele Formica, Boys by the Pool
ü Vriend van Bavink: Geldersekade 34: Kadir van Lohuizen & Yuri Kozyrev, Artic: New Frontier Geldersekade 58: Anan Striker & Renée van Trier, Frivolous demands 
ü Upstream Gallery: Harm van den Dorpel, Mutant Garden
ü  MultipleMadé: Hannah Reede, Do You Need Me or Do I Need You?
ü BorzoGallery: Armando, Jan Hendrikse, Henk Peeters & Jan Schoonhoven, Na NUL - de late jaren
ü  Reflex Amsterdam: Daniel Firman, Switch Up
ü  Lumen Travo Gallery: Atousa Bandeh, Doubt 
ü  AKINCI: Rubey Swinney, The DIstance Between Us
ü Galerie Fleur & Wouter | GoMulan: Floor van het Nederend, Joran van Soest, Jaimy Gail & Marijke van Seters, Van Ostade Biënnale II: Landscapes 
ü  GRIMM Van Baerlestraat: Miguel Ybanez 

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About Amsterdam Art
Amsterdam Art is an organisation that is committed to strengthening Amsterdam's position as an international contemporary art hub. Throughout the year, we initiate collaborations between various art institutions and promote the most cutting-edge artists and exhibitions in the capital city. This reaches its pinnacle during the annual Amsterdam Art Weekend. During this event, the finest contemporary art venues of Amsterdam collectively open their doors to showcase the latest developments in contemporary art.

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