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While we await the reopening of the city, please stop by our windows where our current show is on full view. Or email for our catalogue.

020 Amsterdam Kunst & Cultuur - As we brave this winter’s lockdowns, we recall our longstanding message: Spreading to the outdoors Amsterdam-style, TMH’s artworks are exposed through the high windows to the eyes of passersby, part of the city’s shop displays and the play of light on the canal—“YouTube” in real.

New to our program, André Stempfel (1930, FR) brilliantly questions the monochrome in our ongoing show The Indispensable Experience of Art. His works—full of courage, warmth, and a commitment to a brighter future—are on display in our windows. Stempfel is an iconoclastic reinterpreter of concrete art.

The Flag of Compassion is a priceless feature of TMH’s façade. It is an ongoing conceptual artwork (initiated in 2002) that finds ethical value in deep thinking about one another and the arts. 

There are many ways to experience art, and we are happy that you can join us from the outdoors and through our catalogues for the time being.

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